SVCTBA, Silicon Valley Chinese Technology and Business Association, formerly known as National Business Information (NBI), founded in 1987, is a global innovation and technology exchange platform that promotes member business developments in the US and Asia.

Our goal is to support members who will build a strong, vibrant, collaborative entrepreneurial community with deep, lasting business and social relationships throughout the Silicon Valley and beyond. The platform will hold forums, seminars, and visits to China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to exchange new knowledge, science, and technology information.

Since the late 90’s, much of the manufacturing has been moved to China. As a result, SVCTBA was the first high-tech organization to visit China and to build relationships with high ranking officials of many different provinces and company executives. Due to our consistent high level of activity, we have established and furthered developed strong relations with associations, science parks, civil servants, and politicians in China, which helps to foster new opportunities; also due to our association’s reputation many Chinese government officials and many companies had requested our association to assist them in recruiting and introducing new business opportunities.

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記者林亞歆/米爾比達報道 September 10,2016

2014年成立的谷科技華商協會(SVCTBA)於9日晚上在米爾比達五月花餐廳舉行會長就職參會,臺北駐舊金山經濟文化辦事處處長馬鐘麟、 密爾比達市長艾和諧、佛利蒙副市長高敘加等政要皆到場支持,並安排現場演奏與演唱,場面熱絡.上任會長李博謨在矽谷科技華商會創辦人楊俊龍監交下,將協會大印交給接任會長的李明華,完成交接儀式.


 2016 - 2017 Event schedule
7/19/16 Tues.
General Member Meeting BoD & Staff Election
Central Computer
8/18/16 Thur.
General Meeting
Central Computer
9/9/16 Fri.
Installation Dinner
Mayflower Restaurant
10/13/16 Thur.
General member Meeting
11/12/16 Sat.
Health Care Seminar
12/8/16 Thur.
Annual Christmas and Alliance Party
1/12/17 Thur.
General Member Meeting
Central Computer
2/4/17 Sat.
New Year Dinner
Mayflower Restaurant
3/18/17 Sat.
Stock & Real Estate Investment Seminar
4/13/17 Thur.
General Member Meeting
Central Computer
4/22/17 Sat.
Makers' fair and Technology Event
5/20/17 Sat.
Smart City Conference
6/22/17 Thur.
SVCTBA Annual BBQ and Membership Drive

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