Special Health and Awareness Seminar

Special Health and Awareness Seminar
紀念黃民德醫師第17屆國際中西醫藥學術研討會 會外會


Topic: A New Prospective on Early Cancer Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment
Time: Saturday from 12PM-5PM 8/8/2015
Venue : Santa Clara County - Isacc Newton Center Auditorium (70 W Hedding St, San Jose, CA 95110)
    a.    12:30PM–13:00PM : Registration and network
    b.    13:00PM–13:20PM : Introduction – Santa Clara County, CASPA, CIE, SVCTBA (5 minutes each)
    c.    13:20PM–15:00PM : Dr. Nien-chung Pan, keynote
                                             Truth about Cancer: A New Perspectives on Early Cancer Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment
    d.    15:00PM–15:20PM : Break
    e.    15:20PM–16:30PM : Q&A, Dr. Pan and Visiting doctor   
Cancer has been on top 10 deadliest diseases for decades. It can be prevented just like many other deadly diseases.
Knowing what they are is crucial and an incentive so you can take preventive measures. In this seminar, Dr. Pan will present his perspective based on his over 30 years of clinical experience in the field. He will introduce to audience the screening and treatment alternatives and answer questions you may have during the Q&A session.
Dr. Pan was appointed among a medical team to treat diabetes for R.O.C. President Jing-Kuo Chiang (蔣經國) in the 1980s. He is a pioneer in applying cancer stem cell theory to early cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment. He is now director at Tzu-Yuan Medical Center (慈元醫學中心) and is appointed a visiting professor or advisor at some hospitals and universities in the U.S., Taiwan, Hong Kong, Laos, Thailand, and mainland China.

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